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Friday, 16 March 2012

Spring Has Sprung

We are getting so close to spring I just could not resist.
We had a joint birthday party to attend, so I decided to make a "Flip Flop" cake to help bring on spring time.

Here are some easy step by step instructions:

First I make a template for the flip flops.

Baked my cake.

 Used my template to cut out a right and left flip flop

Torted the cakes and filled with icing.

And filled with fresh strawberries......just to add to the spring time feeling.

Put the tops back on and complete the icing.

Colour and roll out you fondant.

 Cover each flip flop and trim

I then used some yellow and make some small flowers.
Next, cut our small strip of a slighter lighter colour for the straps and for around the base of the cake.

Put the sides on, the straps and attach the yellow flowers.
As mentioned it was a joint birthday, so we put one name on each flip flop made it really cute
Place on cake board covered icing and sprinkled with brown sugar for the sand.

Really makes you think of summer!  
Bring it on, we are ready.

For more great ideas on summer themed cakes you must visit Cake FU.

Now that's Creative!